Telecommunications company Three UK recently gathered its employees together to achieve the Guinness World Records record title for the Longest over and under line.

The attempt was part of a company conference and was a surprise to employees when they entered London's iconic Wembley Stadium.

Under the rules for the record, participants must stand one behind another in a straight line at one arm’s length apart and are required to pass a ball continuously along the line in the correct 'over and under' pattern, without dropping the ball.

Only three attempts were allowed to achieve this record and Three UK definitely needed them.

The first disqualification was right at the beginning where the line started by passing the ball through the legs rather than over the head.

Only a few hundred people in and the second attempt was disqualified because an individual left the line and returned moments later.

With only one more chance up their sleeve, the team managed to pass the ball over and under all the way to its 721st participant.

The previous record had been 304 participants and was achieved by children’s TV show Blue Peter during its 'Go Pyjamas Appeal' in November 2012.