The biggest stars - even those as big as LeBron James - are just like us, after all.

The best basketball player on Earth posted to his Instragram today a photo of himself reporting for jury duty in his native Akron, Ohio. James, the four-time NBA MVP and two-time champion with the Miami Heat, still calls Akron home and still went ahead with his civic responsibility.

First, can you imagine walking into jury duty and seeing LeBron James with his notebook right next to you?! Second, James was not selected, thankfully. The last thing basketball fans would want was for him to come anywhere close to being part of a jury that challenged the record for longest jury deliberation - a 1992 lawsuit in Long Beach, California, between Shirley & Jason McClure and city officials whose jury deliberations lasted four and a half months. We would've been robbed of more plays like this.

Elsewhere in sports, the PGA Championship kicked off today, wrapping up golf's season of majors. You can follow the leaderboard here through the weekend. Tiger Woods, still the world No. 1, is the favorite and a win would inch him ever closer to the records for both most career majors won (18) and most PGA Tour career wins (82). Woods currently sits and four and three shy of those numbers, respectively.

Beyonce has done her best Halle Berry impression and chopped off all her hair. The star singer shared her new look via Instagram on Tuesday with no explanation as to why she made the switch from her recognizable longer locks. We're guessing Beyonce's stylist took a little more time than Ivan Zoot did to break the fastest haircut record in 2008: Zoot cut a full head of hair in just 55 seconds at Men's Grooming Center in Austin, Texas.

Lastly, Caleb Newton will have the sushi. Newton caught a 17 lb, 6 oz (7.88 kg) snakehead fish, known as the "Frankenfish" for its appearance and the way it can breathe air and survive in very shallow waters. Caught in Virginia, it is the heaviest snakehead fish ever caught.