For the three of you who have not checked the Internet in the last 24 hours: Ben Affleck is the new Batman.

The actor/director best known for "Daredevil," "Gigli," and "Jersey Girl"* will don the cowl for the upcoming Warner Bros. sequel to "Man of Steel," supposedly titled "Batman vs. Superman." Affleck, while capable, will have a big utility belt to fill. The Christian Bale-led installments of the Caped Crusader franchise include what was then the record for the highest box-office film gross on opening day - 2008's "The Dark Knight," which took in $66.4 million (£33.2 million).

*Kidding, Ben, we love you! "Argo" was so dope.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced today he plans on retiring sometime within the next 12 months. In a chain of events that must make Ballmer feel so wanted, shares of Microsoft stock have risen 7% since the announcement. Whoever takes over will inherit a record-breaking company many times over: Microsoft has ranged in everything from producing the best-selling HD video game console with its Xbox to trailing only Google for owning the most valuable trademark. As noted in the link above, Bill Gates will be involved in the hiring process for Ballmer's replacement. Good luck walking into that interview.

They've seen a million faces and they've rocked them all, but may Bon Jovi as we know it be disbanding? Reports speculate that band guitarist Richie Sambora has been fired after 30 years of living on prayers. While the band hasn't released a statement, the report says money is to blame. To exhibit the peak popularity of Bon Jovi, the band set the record in 2010 for the most expensive concert VIP package. Their "Diamond VIP Experience" for the Cirlce tour cost $1,875 (£1,212).

Lastly, a Florida man who fell off his fishing boat was saved this week - after treading water for 18 hours. His incredible survival story is capture in this news piece.

While such an indidivual record for treading water is not monitored due to safety concerns, the story of Efstathios Moumouris is surely inspirational - perhaps no more so than to the group that just earlier this year set the record for most people treading water: 469 at the Buffalo Triathlon in Buffalo, Minnesota, USA, in June.