Record-breakers in the news today

Andrew Garfield will be donning a new and improved Spider-Man suit when he returns as the web-slinging hero next year.

Costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott has revealed that Peter Parker’s spandex outfit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is set for release next summer, will have its own MP3 player as well as richer colours, larger eyes along , plus the return of the belt that Spidey traditionally wears in his comic-book adventures.

2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man holds the record for the highest grossing movie reboot after grossing $262,030,663 (£163,001,000) at the box office, beating off Star Trek (USA, 2009), Batman Begins (USA, 2005) and Casino Royale (UK, 2006) among others.

Manchester United have rejected an offer from Premier League rivals Chelsea for Wayne Rooney, insisting that the England striker is not for sale.

The London club had offered £10m in cash plus a player, either Juan Mata or David Luiz, in part exchange for the 27-year-old forward.

Rooney once held the record for youngest goalscorer in a football UEFA European Championships after hitting the back of the net twice in England’s 3-0 victory over Switzerland at Euro 2004 in Portugal at the age of 18 years 237 days.

It was a record that was to last just four days, however, after Johan Vonlanthen scored for Switzerland in their 1-3 group stage defeat against France at the slightly younger age of 18 years and 141 days.

NASA has been forced to call off a spacewalk at the International Space Station (ISS) following a dangerous water leak in an astronaut's helmet.

The leak was so serious that Luca Parmitano, Italy's first spacewalker, was unable to hear or speak as the spacewalk was abruptly aborted.

The first spacewalk was carried out by Lt-Col. (later Maj. Gen.) Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov (USSR) on 18 March 1965.

Leonov spent 12 minutes and nine seconds outside the spacecraft while connected to the craft by a 5.35-meter tether. At the end of the spacewalk, Leonov's spacesuit had inflated in the vacuum of space to the point where he could not re-enter the airlock. He opened a valve to allow some of the suit's pressure to bleed off and was only just about able to get back inside the capsule.

Finally, internet search Google has been forced to issue an apology after a small Scottish island disappeared from its online maps.

Users noticed on Tuesday that the island of Jura, off the west coast of the Kintyre Peninsula, was visible on the satellite view but no longer accessible on the maps view.

A spokeswoman for Google said: "We are sorry about that. We're aware of the problem, and our engineers are beavering away to fix it.

Google Earth holds the record for largest map online and interactive.

The virtual 3-D globe of the Earth comprising satellite data that can be browsed by home Internet users originally began life as a site called Earth Viewer, before being acquired by Google in 2004 and relaunched under its new name the following year.