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Kanye West's pricey t-shirts sell out, Family Guy meets The Simpsons, and get from New York to Los Angeles in under an hour


Kanye West - who's found himself in the news for a lot of reasons recently - may be a "college dropout" but he sure is putting up high marks in fashion.

His APC Collection of clothing has sold out in under a week, with a lot of critics wondering who would pay $120 (£78.60) for the line's plain white t-shirts. But the price point for the Yeezus mastermind's tops doesn't send too many shockwaves around the GWR offices. That's because right in our database we see the record for most expensive gold shirt, which sold for $120,219 (£79,495 at the time) in Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra, India, on Feb. 6 2013.

Two of the most famous - and combative - animated families have announced they'll finally meet. "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" have planned a crossover episode to air in the fall of 2014. The initial plot for the episode will have the Griffin family taking a road trip that sees them end up in Springfield. Both shows are record titans, as "Family Guy" earned the best-selling Blu-ray of a TV show in 2008 with its "Family Guy: Blue Harvest." And "The Simpsons" of course is an institution, including being the longest-running sitcom by episode count (528 and counting). Does "D'oh! Giggity" work as a catchphrase?

As the world continues to skyrocket industrially, there are still some places that enjoy life the old-fashioned way. Take our great state of Wyoming for instance: there exist only two escalators (two!) in the entire state. There were more escalators in the Macy's of my hometown shopping mall. Wyomingites ought to book a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, for a true wonder of the world: the longest metro escalator sits in the Admiralteyskaya station at a rise of 68.6 m (225.07 ft) and 770 steps. The station was inaugurated in December 2011. Here's video of someone riding the entire thing.

Lastly, entrepreneur Elon Musk has shared his latest wild idea: traveling from New York City to Los Angeles in just 45 minutes. Called the Hyperloop, his concept would essentially zoom people underground from city to city using the same general principles as the old pneumatic tubes people used to use to make deposits at banks (any readers under the age of 25 just made this face). Much faster than our current means of travel. Such a flight to the west coast will set you back around 5-6 hours, while crossing the country on foot by Frank Giannino (from San Francisco to New York) took a fastest-ever 46 days 8 hr 36 min in October 1980.

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