Hi there world record fans, welcome to the latest installment in this regular series, looking at the latest happenings on our Challengers website.

Challengers is our free and fast online record-breaking platform, where anyone can make a world record attempt at home, and share their video of it with the world, potentially even earning themselves an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate!

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Now, what's happened on Challengers in the past 4 weeks? Let's take a look...

New records awarded

Almost 20 world records have been awarded on Challengers in the last month, for attempts ranging from the most dice stacked in one minute to the most double-cheek kisses in 30 seconds. Here are a few of the highlights:

Fastest time to eat three pickled eggs:

American Kyle Moyer, aka its_gumball, scoffed three hard boiled and pickled eggs in just 44.5 seconds, shaving over 8 seconds off the previous record!

Fastest time to eat a muffin (no hands):

Another record-breakingly fast eater in recent weeks was New Zealand's Alastair Galpin, who managed to eat a delicious-looking chocolate muffin in just 33 seconds - and all without using his hands:

Fastest time to complete level 1-1, Super Mario 3d Land:

China's Adrian Keung, aka akfamilyhome, showed his mastery of this recent Nintendo 3DS Mario game, with a record time of 31 seconds for the game's
first level.

User of the month

Each month, we'll take a look at one of our record-holding Challengers users, finding out what records they hold, and why they like to break world records on the site.

This week it is Stephen Kish aka Oddish196, who has broken over a dozen world records!


Stephen says: " I really enjoy the Challengers website, We're a friendlyfamily there. People are always helping one another with different ideas,but like a family, there is always a rival. Silvio (featured here), hehas taken most of my records and I want them back. I'm coming after you,Silvio!

My favourite record is...well.... I won't pick, as history has told methat every time I have favourite, It soon gets beaten!

Being a Guinness World Record holder has definitely changed my life. I'vebeen recognised by lots of people in public, I've even been in the bookand appeared on television several times. You can't argue its not aninteresting life being a Guinness World Records title holder. The onlyproblem is, its a bug: You get one record, and then you need another oneand another one and another one..."

UK readers can look out for "Sizzlin' Steve" on Officially Amazing, weekday afternoons on CBBC!

New challenges added

We regularly add new world records to Challengers, to ensure there is always something fresh and exciting for you to make an attempt at - and often this is the result of a user suggestion. Recently-added challenges include:

Fastest time to eat a slice of toast bread

Following the speed-eating successes highlighted above, here's a similar
challenge for you to get your teeth into - eating a slice of white bread.
How difficult could it possibly be?

Fastest lap of Kalimari Desert, Mario Kart 64

We're also giving some love to racing video games, with fastest lap time
trial challenges for both Nintendo 64 classic Mario kart 64, and the more
recent Gran Turismo on the Playstation 3:

Fastest lap of Laguna Seca, Gran Turismo 5

Happy racing, eating, cheek-kissing or dice-stacking, good luck with your record attempts, and we hope to see them up on Challengers soon!