Welcome back! It’s that time where we look back at some the great Guinness World Records videos from last week… Did you miss any?

First up, we’re back in the Slo-Mo Test Lab. This time, Bing is joined by – wait, surely not? He LOOKS like Michael Jackson. He DANCES like Michael Jackson. But we all know it can’t be, right?

That’s just the kind of mind-bending, reality-snubbing way we like to roll.

Next up, Marcus and Alfie are slamming it again. Record style...

Do you like bananas? I think they’re alright. They’re not my favourite yellow fruit, but I don’t mind them.

I definitely couldn’t eat eight in one minute though. Let’s see how Malfie got on...

We travel over to Italy next, straight onto the set of ‘Lei Show Dei Record’ where Benito Ros Charral from Spain is about to climb a wall.

On a bike.

Wait, WHAT?!

Finally, we rejoin Oli On The Road. This time, he’s back in the UK and has an appointment with Sharran Alexander...

Word of advice, Oli. Next time you pick out a spotter at the gym, maybe don’t pick the world’s heaviest sportswoman. She will DESTROY you.

Well, that’s all for this week. See you next time!