Hello friends!

Adam is on holiday this week, so it's Dan Barrett (Community Manager) covering the world of video in WYMLW today - you may have seen me on our Facebook page or Twitter feed...

Now, onto the best of last week's videos:

Do you like marshmallows? Perhaps melted with chocolate onto a biscuit over a roaring campfire?

Or maybe you prefer jumping into a big pile of them from a great height?

That's just what Brett Steffensen did, with this vertigo-inducing 8.8m (28ft 10.75in) leap of faith:

Back with two feet on solid ground, we recently launched our new #AskGWR feature - giving you the chance to ask us, well, anything, and receive an answer in video form!

He might not be here in person, but here's Adam in video form, answering the first batch of questions about life here at Guinness World Records.

Plus, look out for Nero, the office dog!

Finally, if you thought you could never be outsmarted by a horse, now might be the time to start worrying...

Over on our GWROMG! channel, "On The Road" host Oli White meets Lukas, a very intelligent horse indeed - capable of recognising 19 numbers in a minute, amongst other feats:

That's all for now, but be sure to subscribe to both our main and GWROMG! YouTube channels for all the latest record-breaking video goodness, and check back here next Monday (17th June) for another dose of highlights!