As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, a massive Powerball lottery jackpot sent millions of dreamers to purchase tickes for a $590 million (£377.6 million) jackpot in the U.S. Finally, that jackpot has a a claimant: Gloria C. MacKenzie, an 84-year-old widow from Zephyrhills, Florida. Perhaps the most amazing part of the story is that a kind stranger let MacKenzie go ahead of her to buy the winning ticket at their local grocery story. The win is the largest undivided first-prize payout in lottery history, which MacKenzie has chosen to take in a lump sum of $370 million (£236.9 million).

Another American woman received a small jackpot of her own this week, as Trish Staine gave birth to a daughter after experiencing severe back pain while training for a half marathon -- all the while having no idea she was even pregnant. The baby was born five weeks early and all indications are that mom and child - named "Mira," short for "miracle" - will be just fine. Considering the circumstances of the birth, we could see mom Trish giving a go at the fastest half-marathon pushing a stroller/pram with baby Mira in it someday. That record is 1 hr 30 min 51 sec by Nancy Schubring (below) at the Mike May Races Half Marathon in Vassar, Michigan, USA, on 15 September 2001.

92558 Nancy Schubring - Fastest half marathon pushing a pram 2.jpg

While on the subject of women doing incredible things, Dorothy Custer shows no sign of slowing down at 102 years old. To celebrate her birthday, Custer went BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA. Incidentally, that's the same spot where the previous documented record holder for oldest BASE jumper leaped. If Custer's information can be verified, she would officially claim this record all to herself. Here's a local news report of Custer living on the edge.

And Top Gear has commissioned Honda to test the limits, too. The magazine has asked the auto producer to work on constructing a lawnmower that can travel up to speeds of 130 mph (210 km/h). If it meets the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS standards and guidelines, this mower could smash the existing official record for fastest lawnmower held by the UK's Project Runningblade at 87.83 mph (141.35 km/h).

Of course, the NBA Finals start tonight in a series featuring up to eight potential future basketball hall of famers. Check out our preview of the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs matchup here.

Lastly, we here at GWR would like to honor all those who served in the D-Day Invasion at Normandy, 69 years ago today. The greatest invasion in military history, the Allied land, air and sea operation saw 38 convoys of 745 ships moved in the first three days, supported by 4,066 landing craft carrying 185,000 men and 20,000 vehicles, and 347 minesweepers. The air assault comprised 18,000 paratroopers from 1,087 aircraft. The 42 available divisions had air support from 13,175 aircraft and within a month, 1.1 million troops had been landed.