Pop singer Katy Perry reveals in this month's Vogue cover story that ex-husband and comedian/actor Russell Brand requested a divorce via text message on New Year's Eve 2011. Depending on how badly he wanted out of the marriage, we here wonder if Brand may have been a contender for the fastest time to type a text message. That record, for a prescribed 160-character message, is 29.43 seconds by Yousef Ahmed Abdul Saboor (Egypt) at the Marina Mall, Kuwait City, Kuwait, on 1 March 2012. And Katy, if you're reading this, I'm available and would certainly take your call.

If there's one brand in the world that everyone must know, surely it's Coca-Cola. Turns out, not quite. Despite holding the record for most valuable brand name with recognition equivalent to a brand value of $77.8 billion (£49.7 billion), Coke entered a new frontier this month: Myanmar. The famous cola brand opened its first bottling plant in the country since pre-World War II and that now leaves Cuba and North Korea as the only countries in the world in which you can't legally obtain a Coke and a Smile.

Sharp has released the largest consumer TV on the market in Europe. The Aquos LC-90LE757 boasts a 90-inch display with a markup of £12,000 ($18,799). Sharp noted that it waited a year to sell in Europe after debuting the set in the U.S. due to the market's demands. They were right: take, for instance, the largest HD TV set at a sporting venue. The record television sits at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina, measuring 196 ft, 10 in x 77 ft, 2 in (59.99 m x 23.52 m).

From really large to super-small, Chinese manufacturer Huawei has unveiled a smartphone just 6.18 mm (0.24 in), what it claims is the thinnest smartphone in the world. While we await possible certification of the Ascend P6 as an official record, the fact it's a smartphone leaves it still short of the record for thinnest mobile phone overall: the 2007 release of the Samsung Ultra Edition II checked in at just 5.9 mm (0.2 in) thick.

Lastly, Paul McCarthy's massive upcoming art installation "WS" has prompted some to take stock of the world of huge art. While museums may struggle to house some of these gigantic constructions, our database can certainly squeeze them in.

Pavement art.jpg

From the largest anamorphic pavement art (1,570.0 m² [16,899 ft² 69 in²], above in Germany) to the largest model of a human organ (a lung sculpture measuring 5.02 m [16 ft 5 in] tall and 5.78 m [18 ft 11 in] wide), there's room for plenty in the Guinness World Records gallery.