It feels like just yesterday we were all abuzz over BBM'ing our friends for weekend plans or setting new high scores in Brick Breaker - there was a reason the phrase " Crackberry" joined the lexicon.

My how the mighty have fallen: Blackberry announced today first-quarter losses of $84 million (£55 million), continuing a downward trend for the once-ubiquitous device. Granted, it's not as bad as the $518 million (£340 million) loss in Q1 last year, but the popularity of the brand is still waning. Regardless, the trademark tactile keypad is still probably your best bet if you'd like to attempt the fastest text message on a QWERTY smartphone, currently a record at 56.57 sec by Grace Pak of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA.

Glastonbury is in full swing at the moment, with the Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, and the Artic Monkeys highlighting the weekend. Are music festivals for you? That's a personal choice, but be sure to read our record-breaking take on the festival while you decide.

India, in hopes of increasing investment in the sector, has doubled its natural gas prices. While that's sure to hit the common man, domestic producers are already seeing a spike in their shares. No time like the present, it seems, to invest in a hybrid if you live on the subcontinent. Wayne Gerdes and Chris Bernius proved the worth of such vehicles when they earned the lowest fuel consumption driving to 48 U.S. states in 2011, needing just 122.36 US gallons (463.18 litres) to cover 12,711 km (7,898 miles).

A California woman already regrets throwing a yard sale. Dori Rhoades sold a denim jacket for $20, forgetting that she had hidden a pair of $18,000 (£11,842) earrings in the pockets. While she hopes a good samaritan returns them, we know one person who would most likely enjoy getting her hands on them: Carol McFadden, who owns the largest collection of earrings, at 37,706 pairs that she's been collecting since 1952.

Lastly, those in the Southwest U.S. should prepare for an agonizing weekend. Temperatures from Las Vegas to Phoenix are expected to range from 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit (46.1-48.9 degrees Celsius), with Death Valley, California, to hit up to 126 F (52.2 C). That's getting into record territory, as the highest temperature ever recorded also hit Death Valley - 134 F (56.7 C) nearly 100 years ago on July 10, 1913.

Stay cool friends!