From the Archives is a new feature here on, in which we'll be showing off some of the many weird and wonderful record-breaking items we have here at Guinness World Records HQ - take a look!

Have you ever held in your hands something that is hundreds of millions old?

Would you like to?

Well, perhaps you'll give it a miss after I tell you that today's item from the archives is in fact an example of dinosaur sick, very similar to the world's oldest vomit!

Discovered in 2002 by a team led by Prof. Peter Doyle, the fossilised vomit of an ichthyosaur (a large, fish-like marine reptile) was found in a quarry in Peterborough, UK.

It was dated and found to be 160 million years old - the oldest such example discovered.

The example of dino sick we have here at Guinness World Records isn't this record-holder, but is quite similar and almost as old.

Let's move in a little closer:


As you can see, there are shells present, which could indicate the prehistoric creature whose stomach this came from ate shelled creatures whole, then regurgitated the shells, much as an owl does the bones of its prey today.

How about an even more detailed look at one of these shell outlines?


Oh, and before you ask - no, it doesn't smell at all - millions of years and fossilisation help a lot with that, it seems!

Of course, this is just one of hundreds of interesting and unusual items we keep here in the Guinness World Records office - be sure to check back next time we bring one out From the Archives to see another!