GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS and BBDO New York recently had a new message for Big Apple residents and visitors: record breaking is all around us.

The two joined to launch a campaign this spring built around showing the average person on the street that potential records can exist anywhere in their daily routine.

In total, the agency set up seven record-worthy posts around New York, ranging from an invitation to eat the most hot dogs in front of a particular Manhattan hot dog truck to a poster with a magnifying glass attached, asking passersby to view the “smallest poster in the world” (pictured above), written in 0.8-point copy.

One notice claimed itself as the “heaviest poster ever” – a 6-ton rock proclaiming as much in a local park.


Another asked participants to stare at it for the longest possible time, which many with an eye for curiosity obliged.


Other locations saw people reading what were seemingly the most complimentary poster in the world, most repetitive poster ever, and "postor" with the most typos.

The campaign was featured by AdAge and also earned home-page position on

After a successful initial foray, BBDO and GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS now plan the next stage in their partnership.

“We were thrilled by the results of BBDO’s campaign,” said GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS marketing director Stuart Claxton. “It’s great to partner with such a world-class agency and we are excited about what’s coming next.”