Two of the most well-known sports franchises in the world joined forces Tuesday, as the New York Yankees and Manchester City announced they would partner to form the newest addition to Major League Soccer: New York City F.C.

The new club will begin play in 2015, with Man City as primary owners and Yankees brass helping get the effort off the ground. The Yankees are often considered the Manchester United of American sports and vice-versa, so it's a bit weird to see the Pinstripes partner with Manchester City on the venture. But still, Man City did well to link with the Yankees, who own the most World Series titles (27) and surely will know a thing or two about getting a successful franchise launched.

In other big sports news today, golfers like Adam Scott and Ernie Els will soon need to adjust their short games: the Royal & Ancient Golf Club and U.S. Golf Association voted to outlaw the "anchoring" of putters against the body in competition, starting in 2016. The use of so-called "belly" putters isn't banned itself, just the action of propping the putter against the body for control.

This will also hold true for any Guinness World Records attempts from everyday golfers, as GWR rules stipulate all golf attempts must follow the rules of the R&A and USGA. So those of you hoping to top Richard Lewis' record1,000 golf holes played in one year will need to get your putting game ready.

Ever had a great experience at a restaurant and decided to leave a little extra for a tip? We bet it was nothing like this: one woman's Tumblr recently posted a photo of a tip her mother received after waiting on a patron -- a $60.42 meal accompanied by a $1,000 tip. A handwritten note on the receipt instructed the waitress to use the money to enjoy Italy. Maybe while she's there, she can grab a small taste of the largest polenta ever made. That was in Pianello di Cagli and weighed 3,560 kg (7,848 lbs), produced in June of last year.


Lastly, facts are facts but sometimes you need to consider the source. Take the announcement from the National Confectioners Association stating that their studies revealed candy consumption having no associated risk for obesity, diabetes, or other health issues.

So, taking a few hundred bites of the largest chocolate bar (weighing 5,792.50 kg/12,770 lb 4.48 oz) wouldn't do anything to add inches to my waistline? Potential ignorance never tasted so sweet!