Hello again! It’s that time of week where I take you through some of my favorite videos that were recently unleashed on our YouTube channels.

First up, what do a rope, a rice bowl and a human all share in common?

I’ll tell you…

They’re all the ingredients you need for completely man-powered rail travel.

Sound crazy? That’s because it is. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen though…

Some might say that guy is a… SUCKER for world records? I bet he TRAINS, wait for it… RAIL-Y hard?

Sorry, let’s get this thing back on track…

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Perhaps a loved one’s birthday? Well consider this advice for free…

DO NOT contact Malfie about a gift-wrapping service. They are TERRIBLE. Like, disappointingly so.

I’m just full of good advice today. Here’s some more. Always take a skipping rope to a party.


Because eery single party, by law, contains at least one guy capable of doing ‘The Worm’. They are strategically placed there, by some unknown force, with the sole purpose of pulling off this dance move. This results in the good guy (probably played by Michael Cera) never getting the girl.

So next time you’re chatting to the girl of your dreams about all the puppies you’ve saved and Worm-Guy starts doing his thing, just casually show a bit of rope and watch him scuttle away. He’s just not man enough for worm-skipping.


Finally, we’re back On The Road with Oli, and he’s made it back to the UK. This time, he meets a man with a very strange, very specific obsession.

David Boyne (UK) has been applying for football manager jobs since November 1994. However, almost 19 years later, he has yet to yell his orders from the dugout. Still, he does have a rather impressive collection of rejection letters. 150 to be exact…

So, there you go kids. Follow your dreams! Or at the very least, accumulate the correspondence from those who are out to crush them.

Until next time!