If you don't know what a "GIF" is, then, we're actually surprised you were able to find this story.

The Graphics Interchange Format is a staple of the Internet, allowing us to watch cats play ping-pong or spin on turntables in a hilarious, endless loop. But GIF inventor Steve Wilhite caused quite a stir Tuesday night when he announced at the Webby Awards that we've had it wrong all along. His acceptance speech for a lifetime achievemenet award consisted of just this: " It's pronounced JIF, not GIF."

And with that, the Internet exploded, as GIF started trending and backlash started growing. If somebody could gather everyone up behind a single rally cry, maybe something like "It's pronounced JIF!" could top the 11,000 messages needed to take the as-yet-unattempted record for the most widespread social network message in one hour.

Meanwhile, the locations for Super Bowl L and LI (to be played in 2016 and 2017) were announced, with the recpients being San Francisco and Houston, respectively. Many in NFL circles hoped that Miami would host the Lth (er, 50th) Super Bowl, but the city couldn't present an infrastructure plan to match San Francisco's. Miami, an iconic host city for the game, is tied with New Orleans for the city to host the Super Bowl most often, each having done so 10 times.

Currency controls have put a strain on Venezuela being able to import many goods, most recently leading to a severe toilet paper shortage in the South American country. But the national government approved a credit to allow for up to 39 million rolls to be imported and assist in the shortage. One recommendation may be to ask for some help from Charmin, which produced the largest toilet paper roll in 2011, at a size of 2.97 meters (9 feet, 8.9 inches) in diameter and 2.59 meters (8 feet, 5.9 inches) in height.

Toilet roll story.jpg

Home sales continue to rise in the U.S., another indicator of a recovering real estate market that bottomed out in the last decade's late recession. If all these new homebuyers can get together, they'd have a shot at the 500 participants needed to set the record for the most people painting houses.

Lastly, consider this end section a bit of a footer. A lot of people find feet gross, and now science can confirm why: the feet are home to more than 100 different type of fungi. Lovely! We can only imagine what lived in the dogs of Robert Wadlow, tallest man ever and record holder for the largest feet of all-time, at 47 cm (18.5 inches) in length.