Greetings, record-lovers! Once again, I’m here to help you catch up on the videos you may have missed last week.

As you can tell by the title of this article, things got pretty real while you were away. More on our spotted canine friends later…

First off, meet Kazumi Kawahara. She holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of ‘fastest 10 meters in the box split position’. It is indeed quite a novel way of getting around.

I’ve got her worked out though - she is clearly training for the day when our alien overlords show up and shrink-ray our houses to half the size to make way for their human torture camps.

Those low ceilings will be a cinch for Kazumi here…

Marcus and Alfie are back with a ne- WAIT. WHO IS THIS IMPOSTER? Oh, it’s Luke. You know – Luke?

Anyway, check out what is (spoiler alert) certain to be a feeble attempt at eating peas with toothpicks.

Now, we need to talk. About the Dalmatians. The Dalmatians on the bikes.

I’m just going to give you a minute to recover from that.

Right, back to (relative) normality. Oli brings us another adventure On The Road where he meets Igor Zaripov, a Cirque Du Soleil performer with a unique talent…

Those who are freaked out by anything teeth related may wish to look away now…

Finally, who’s this handsome chap? I do know that he’s talking about #askGWR, a great new feature where we answer your best questions… Listen to him. He knows the score.

Right, after that, that’s definitely enough from me for this week.