Record-breakers in the news today

In a gala celebration at Windsor Castle, the Queen received an honourary Bafta award for her lifelong support of the British film and television industry.

The monarch (pictured above receiving the 100 millionth GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book from managing director Alistair Richards) was presented the award by actor and director Sir Kenneth Branagh.

George Lucas, whose Star Wars series created him the largest personal fortune from a film franchise, flew in especially for the event, saying the UK had been "influential" in his career.

The Queen appeared in a film outing of her own last year, starring alongside James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) in a short feature as part of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, appearing to parachute into the stadium from a helicopter.

The most recent Bond film starring Craig, Skyfall, is the highest-grossing James Bond film to date.

In an unexpected turn, it's been revelaed that Iranians are in love with the BBC TV series Top Gear, and host Jeremy Clarkson in particular.


Top Gear is the most widely viewed factual programme in the world, airing in over 210 countries.

" I'd love to take the show to Iran," remarked Clarkson, loved by audiences worldwide for his irreverent and often inappropriate humour, " but there is a rule in place that the BBC isn't allowed to go there, which is very sad."

Legendary American film critic Roger Ebert has died aged 70, after a prolonged battle with cancer.

The death of the critic, loved as much for his reviews of films he disliked as enjoyed, was met with an outpouring of emotional tributes from stars across the film industry.

Oscar-winning actor Samuel L Jackson ( highest box office film gross for an actor) called the critic " the real deal" and a " good friend" in his tribute.

Ebert's top 10 favourite films of all time included hits such as Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now, and Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo - which featured the first shot using "dolly zoom," a dizzying effect designed by Irmin Roberts.

A ban on pesticides linked to the death of bees has been proposed in the UK.

Scientists have good evidence that sprays containing neonicotinoids are leading to the deaths of key species such as honey bees, responsible for pollinating around one-third of the world's crop production.

The largest honeycomb was produced by a beehive owned by Argirios Koskos and weighed 10.4 kg - while the heaviest mantle of bees wornweighed in at 62.1 kg, achieved by Ruan Liangming of China.