CBBC, weekdays at 0745 from Monday 11 th - 27 th March 2013

Officially Amazing scours the globe to bring the biggest, fastest and often weirdest Official World Record attempts and record holders out there to CBBC.

Hosted by comedian Ben Shires it hurtles from record to record, from continent to continent to witness some of the biggest, smallest, tallest, fastest and most Officially Amazing record attempts in the world.

Ben meets record breakers from the sublime to the ridiculous, the wacky to the downright incredible: from the woman with the world's longest fingernails nails to the largest snail. He takes part in record attempts including the Fastest Time to Wrap 5 Portions of Chips, the Farthest Basketball Dunk from a Trampoline, the Most People Crammed into a Mini, and the Most Dogs Riding on Surfboards.

Each programme also features one of two regular serial record breakers: Sizzlin' Steve and the Space Cowboy. The Space Cowboy specialises in using his considerable skills to attempt dangerous records, such as juggling chainsaws or using a whip to break roses held in Ben's mouth. Sizzlin' Steve, in contrast, only attempts records he can try with no fear of injury, such as coin stacking or building pyramids with plastic cups - the perfect records to try at home!

Joining Ben is US comedian Al Jackson who travels the States meeting people such as the 12 year old who holds the record for the first skateboard 1080 (that's 3 complete rotations in mid-air!), the woman with the world's longest tongue, and Happie the skateboarding goat!

Haruka Kuroda guides us on a tour of some of the most astonishing people, sights and records in her native Japan. Where else would you find the Official World Record for the most noodle strings made in one minute, a particularly Japanese art, or a guy called Cherry who attempts the record for Most Walnuts Crushed by Sitting Down in 30 Seconds - yes it's true, buns of steel.

Adding to the fun are our two animated characters, Officially and Amazing. They introduce each item with Amazing usually ending up in some sort of trouble while Officially tries her best to keep calm and carry on despite Amazing's madcap mishaps. Each programme brings more record-breaking stories to life in the form of a comedy song written by Rob Castell.

It's all packed with action, fun and surprises and is… Officially Amazing!

Lion Television (makers of Horrible Histories) produce the series for CBBC in association with Zodiak Rights and all the records are recorded and verified by Guinness World Records.