After a rollercoaster month-and-a-half of record thrills and some literal spills, the hit first season of "Guinness World Records: Gone Wild!" comes to a close Thursday night with a group of attempts sure to leave you desperate for more.

As we've seen throughout this season, participants continue to find new ways to break records with food, and that theme continues in the finale. No fewer than five records involving food will see competitors test their mettle and leave you wondering what record you could break next time you're bored in the kitchen.

Two of those attempts will see food used the way it was meant: by inserting it in the mouth. We'll see one competitor attempt to eat an onion in the fastest time. Take the words of "Shrek" to heart and remember this attempt will not be easy -- onions, after all, have layers. Then we'll see another try to stuff as many whole hamburgers in the mouth as possible. No word yet on if they'll be quarter-pounders.

Hamburgers mouth story body.jpg

Other food-related attempts include the most eggs crushed with the head (Omelette, anyone?), the farthest marshmallow nose blow (no s'mores, thank you very much) and the most watermelons crushed with the thighs.

Having already seen attempts this year at the most watermelons sliced on the stomach and most watermelons crushed with the head, this delicious summer fruit has turned into the first season's MVP.

But a menu isn't required for all of the finale's attempts. In fact, two of the most potentially impressive records will ask competitors to do the amazing with nary a fruit or vegetable around.

Extreme pogo stick jumping has experienced quite the rise in popularity lately and one big reason is because of skills like the one that will be on display in this episode. One pogo jumper will take a leap after the most consecutive pogo stick backflips. For those of us who have a hard enough time pogo sticking in place for a minute, this attempt is sure to impress.

Pogo backflips story body.jpg

And lastly, expect to end the season on a shattering note, as the below man attempts to run through the most panes of glass consecutively. With a look in his eyes like this, I would be quite afraid to miss what happens once he's ready to go.

Panes glass head shot story body.jpg

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"Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" airs Thursdays in the U.S. at 8 ET/PT on truTV.