Only two episodes remain of the exciting hit new show, "Guinness World Records: Gone Wild!" But some of the most interesting and unique record attempts have been saved for last, including this week's episode.

Most of the attempts we've witnessed this season have featured individuals competing against a lot of things - chief among them: time, pain, fear.

But this week, we'll see a couple of attempts with people competing…against each other.

This includes a chance at the most mousetraps released on the tongue in one minute, which will see three competitors vying to submit themselves to quite a painful threshold to earn a record!

Mousetraps story body.jpg

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Speaking of self-inflicted pain, another of the episode's attempts comes straight from the movies - more specifically like something out of "Road House." One man will try to smash the most breakaway bottles over his own head in 30 seconds. Dalton would be proud!

Another competitive effort will see a group of racers seeing who can run the fastest 50-meter dash. Sound simple enough? Maybe, until you consider that the group will consist entirely of men, who will be sprinting to the finish line in high heels. Definitely not the kind of preparation you're used to seeing from the Olympics.

High heel sprint story body.jpg

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In one of the more unique and longstanding record categories in the Guinness World Records library, also keep an eye for an attempt at the most times to jump into a pair of underpants in one minute. This record has been attempted 11 times since it was first set more than 11 years ago, but nobody has been able to break it in more than a decade.

We'll also see a chance at redemption for one record holder. In the season's very first episode, Christopher Schewe (a.k.a. "Shoenice") failed at a chance for the fastest time to eat 20 lit birthday candles. Thursday, he makes a return to see if second chances favor the persistent.

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And we'll end the episode on a lighter note, literally. One man will attempt the highest jump into a pile of marshmallows, with more than 100,000 puffy treats ready to cushion a fall from more than 25 feet.

Enjoy these amazing record attempters while you can - soon the season will close and there will be nothing else quite like them!

As always, make sure to follow along as we live tweet the action on @GWR and to talk about all your favorite records at Then come right back here on Friday for a full recap.

"Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" airs Thursdays in the U.S. at 8 ET/PT on truTV.