Hi there guys and girls, Dan here, Guinness World Records' Community Manager. You may have seen me around online, posting the latest record updates and answering your questions on our Facebook page and Twitter feed - but I also manage our Challengers website.

" Challengers website? What's that?" I'm sure many of you are wondering at this point. Well, allow me to fill you in on the details so you can start using it to break world records today!

What is Challengers?

Challengers is our online record-breaking platform, and the fastest free way to earn world record certification from Guinness World Records. New records are typically awarded within two weeks.

Simply choose a record from over 200 on the site, read the guidelines, then record a video of your attempt. Upload this to Challengers, and if your attempt is good and breaks the current record, we may even approve it as a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title! Best of all, you'll receive a certificate of your achievement in the post free of charge, exactly the same as our standard claims process.


Francisco Pego, who has broken more than 7 records on Challengers

What records can I attempt on Challengers?

Records on Challengers are fun, fast, and easy to attempt. They range from food and drink challenges such as the Fastest time to drink 500ml water and the Most Jaffa Cakes eaten in one minute, to various dice, domino, and coin stacking challenges, to sport and fitness challenges such as the Most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds. We also hold a range of video-gaming challenges for you to enter, across all current consoles, tablets/mobile phones, and even Flash games you can attempt in your web browser.

However, Challengers is not suitable for all record categories, as there are many things we cannot judge based on video evidence alone. In particular, endurance (marathon) records, and mass-participation records are not the kind of thing we will have on Challengers.

In short, records on Challengers are attemptable at home, in five minutes or less, and using only items/equipment commonly found around the house, by people of all ages

Attempting a Challenge

Want to get started making your own record attempts on Challengers? Here's a simple 5-step guide to making and uploading your first attempt:

1 - Sign up for Challengers HERE.

2 - Find a challenge you'd like to attempt HERE - you can sort by category and recently/most attempted.

3 - Choose the challenge you'd like to attempt. Watch the videos of existing entries, see the current record in the "About" section, and make sure to review the guidelines under "Challenge rules" carefully.

4 - Make your attempt, and record a video of you doing so. You can use your video camera, webcam, or even a smartphone to do this. Make sure to introduce yourself, and record your attempt in full, in well-lit conditions so we can see what is going on.

5 - Send us your video! Click "Attempt this record" on your chosen challenge, and you can attach your video, either by uploading the video file, or attaching it from your YouTube account. Make sure to fill in the score you achieved too.

How do adjudications work, how do I get a world record certificate?

Every week (usually on Tuesdays), the latest high-scoring entries are sent to our records management team for careful review and consideration.

If your entry is one of them, conforms to the guidelines, and beats the current record, you will receive a message from The_Adjudicator asking for further details. At that point we will then approve your record, and award your certificate - both a digital one on your profile page, and a physical certificate to be sent out in the post.

(Note: International post can be slow at times, so please allow up 4-8 weeks for your certificate to arrive).

Making a new suggestion

Do you have an idea for a record that is quick and esy to attempt at home but isn't on Challengers yet? Then send us a suggestion!

Just make a video demonstrating your idea for a new challenge and explaining why we should add it to Challengers, and the best ones will be added to the site. Submit your suggestion video HERE.

Got more questions?

If you ever have a question about the Challengers website and how to use it, we have some extensive FAQs here.

We also have a discussion board where you can ask questions, or just talk to other members of the Challengers community (including me!) :)

Until next time...

Starting in April, I'll be bringing you a monthly round-up of all the recent happenings on Challengers: highlighting the latest approved records, freshly-added record challenges, and the most succcessful members of the Challengers community.

We hope to see you on Challengers soon - happy record-breaking!

Three Challengers records to start off with:


Most dice stacked into a tower in one minute


Most sticky notes stuck on the face in one minute


Highest score on Angry Birds (Chrome version) level 1-1