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"Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" Episode 3 Recap


For the first half of Thursday night's "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" it felt like success just wasn't in the cards for this week's participants.

And that proved true throughout the episode, which showed more than anything we've seen yet this season that record breaking comes nothing close to easy.

Still, a few determined folks found their way into the record books and even those that fell short entertained us along the way.

Time for this week's recap!

Most kicks to one's own head in one minute

We've all heard of shooting yourself in the foot.

On Thursday, Joel Leindeker introduced us to kicking yourself in the head.

Kicks to head 2 story body.jpg

Photo courtesy truTV

The show began literally on the wrong foot, though, as the dreadlocked Leindeker attempted to break the record of 115 kicks to his own head in 60 seconds. Unfortunately, the photographer-turned-autokicker tired noticeably halfway through his minute and fell well short of history.

Most hot dogs swallowed whole in one minute

Takeru Kobiyashi and Joey Chestnut may be the most famous hot dog consumers in the world. But those professional eaters hold a pretty distinct advantage: they're allowed to chew.

That wasn't the case for the night's second attempt, as fulltime student James Stevens tried to topple a record that had stood untouched for 9 years: the most hot dogs swallowed whole in one minute. No chewing, no munching - just tipping the head back and sending the dogs down.

Stevens needed to swallow nine of the sausages for a record and needed to compose himself a few times before finishing. But in the end, he did it - you might say - with relish, swallowing 10 hot dogs and providing the first successful attempt of the night. Relive the magic below.

Three great contestants; three tough results

After the inspiring effort of a nearly decade-old record falling, three consecutive record attempters came tantalizingly close to realizing their dreams.

First, Brian Kahrs proposed and attempted an entirely new record based on a talent he discovered during some free time at his construction site. He would try to slice as many potatoes as he could in one minute by using a shovel in pogo stick fashion. Needing 40 sliced potatoes for a record, Kahrs fell just three short.

Then Laura Thompson treated us to a record that looked as unique as it was challenging to attempt with the most bum skips in 30 seconds. This required Thompson to rotate a jump rope while sitting on the floor - instead of jumping like somebody normally would on their feet, she had to lift her entire lower body off the ground from the bum.

Bum skips story body.jpg

Photo courtesy truTV

Such strenuous movement took its toll, though, and Thompson fatigued through the attempt, falling five shy of the record of 71.

We followed that with five contestants simultaneously trying to run the fastest 50 meters blindfolded. Needing to beat the benchmark of 15 seconds, one participant crossed the finish line in 8.07 seconds. Needing to have stayed in their running lanes throughout, however, proved more difficult, as nobody remained on course and thus were all disqualified.

Most bananas sliced on a slackline in one minute

One of the more visually entertaining attempts of the season so far showed us just what might happen if Athos, Porthos, and Aramis ever strolled into a fruit stand.

College friends Brent Kelly (pictured top of page) and Jacob Osborne combined their love for the sport of slacklining and fencing to create this unique attempt in which Jacob tossed bananas to Brent for prompt chopping.

Displaying both his balance and dexterity, Brent led the way to a satisfyingly successful attempt, setting the standard for this record at 24 skewered bananas.

Most blocks of ice broken by human battering ram

The show closed on a chilling note, to say the least. J.D. Anderson set forth to break the most blocks of ice by human battering ram, but the attempt was not without suspense. Each block of ice needed to be at least 33.5 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 2.75 inches thick. But the heat of the Guinness World Records Arena caused the blocks to start melting throughout the show.

Still, by "go" time, both Anderson and the blocks were ready. Required to break the blocks with a single, forward motion, Anderson delivered, going shoulder-first to crush through 13 blocks and offer a living incarnation to the term battering ram.

That episode officially takes us to the halfway point of the debut season of "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" We've seen feats of strength, exhibitions of skill, and plenty of everyday people doing things bordering on the edge of crazy. Can't wait to see what's still in store.

"Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" airs Thursdays at 8 ET/PT on truTV.

Interested in attempting a world record in a future episode? Let us know here.

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