As if last week's episode of "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" wasn't full of enough excitement - what with the watermelon body slicing, blindfolded arrow catching, and death-defying shallow pool diving - this week brings yet another round of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Tune in Thursday at 8 ET/PT on truTV to see a collection of records basically split into two main types: Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With The Body and Things You Never Thought to Do With Food.

One body control highlight to look out for is an attempt at the most kicks to the head in one minute. And, no, this isn't the most kicks to the heads of others - these are all self-inflicted and you can take a look at the image above for a taste.

Another record will literally send chills down the spine of its competitor, when we witness an attempt at the most ice blocks destroyed by human battering ram. And we'll see just how good someone's motor skills are when trying to sprint the fastest 50 meters blindfolded.

Also, while most of us will be sitting on our bums watching "Gone Wild!" this week on the couch, one young lady will put hers to much better use, attempting the most bum skips (jump rope) in a minute. By the looks of it, this one could be pretty intense.

Bum skips story body.jpg

Photo courtesy truTV

There will also be nearly a full meal on display for record-breaking purposes.

First entrée: hot dogs, as we see if one man can stomach a record that has stood for 9 years in the most sausages swallowed whole in one minute.

Next on the menu are potatoes. As in, the most potatoes sliced with a shovel in a minute, for those times when a knife simply isn't an option.

As for dessert - what happens when you cross Inigo Montoya and Miss Chiquita? Why, the record attempt for most bananas sliced on a slackline in one minute, of course.

Banana slackline story body.jpg

Photo courtesy truTV

Should be a very fun episode!

Make sure to follow along as we live tweet the action on @GWR and to talk about all your favorite records at Then come right back here on Friday for a full recap.

"Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" airs Thursdays in the U.S. at 8 ET/PT on truTV.