Liz Smith of Guinness World Records has seen a lot of things and travelled many places recently.

Based in London, Smith has measured the world's largest afro, filmed a television series in Mumbai, and adjudicated for the Sultan of Oman. But, this week, there's only one place in the world she wants to be: in the United States for the debut of "Guinness World Records Gone Wild" on truTV.

"I'm incredibly excited for the premiere and contemplating jumping on a plane to the U.S. just to watch it!" Smith said. "It features some of the most talented record breakers that I could ever have had the pleasure to meet."

Smith met these record breakers as one of two official GWR representatives viewers will see when the series premieres Feb. 7 (truTV, 8 p.m. ET/PT). The other is Stuart Claxton, who - along with Smith - joined television personality Dan Cortese and actor/musician Zach Selwyn as the faces guiding GWR fans through the exciting world of high-stakes record breaking.

While Smith and Selwyn will offer commentary on all the action and Cortese will host the program, Claxton serves as the primary adjudicator, a role which he said was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"To not only hear about some of the record attempts but then to judge them in person was truly inspiring," Claxton said. "The lengths that people will go to break a Guinness World Record is amazing."

"Guinness World Records Gone Wild" is the first fully dedicated show highlighting the amazing world of GWR to hit America's shores in more than a decade. The history and importance of the program weren't lost on either Smith or Claxton, who spent 12 months watching some of the most fearless, outrageous, and entertaining record attempts in the world.

What impressed both about the show and its participants was the variety of the records attempted and personalities involved. Notable feats included jumping over moving cars, running through multiple panes of glass, and eating lit birthday candles.

"Every record attempter had an amazing story, a unique talent and an unforgettable personality to match," Smith said. "Their motivation and dedication to being the best in the world at something, whatever that may be, was truly inspiring."

While Smith watched and commented on the action as it happened, Claxton found himself directly in the mix as the one person with the official authority to make a record breaker's dream come true.

Having adjudicated for more than 10 years at GWR, Claxton thought he may have seen it all in terms of record breaking - until his days on the set of "Gone Wild."

"People should get ready to be shocked, surprised, amazed and entertained - sometimes all at the same time!" Claxton said.

As for what to expect when tuning in, neither one would give away too many details, but promised that viewers would love what came across their screen: namely the real human drama of people attempting a shot at fame, some getting to bask in their success while others fell painfully short.

It's a phenomenon that occurs in the Guinness World Records universe every day, but one that fans will now have a unique way of experiencing each week.

"If you want to get a real insight in some of the more eyebrow-raising and jaw-dropping records that we deal with then watch this show," Claxton said. "When we say Gone Wild we mean it!"

Guinness World Records Gone Wild airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on truTV, beginning February. 7.