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VIDEO: Thirsty? Most cocktails in one hour record broken


Brian Flanagan has nothing on Erik Mora.

For those of you who know Tom Cruise's bartender character from "Cocktail," congratulations on dating yourself. For those of you who don't, there's Netflix.

But bartender Mora, of the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, has broken the Guinness World Records title for most cocktails made in one hour.

Needing to top the previous mark of 1,003 set by New York bartender Sheldon Whiley in March 2011, Mora had an assembly line of a team assist him as he concocted mixtures with the required minimum of three ingredients - one of which had to be alcoholic. He used rum- and vodka-based cocktails, all of which were then served to patrons of the club.

Watch the organized chaos all boiled down to 90 frenetic seconds, and then figure out a way to get Mora to bartend your holiday office party.

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