In one of our most tightly contested votes of the year, the largest photo book escaped on top in last week's Fan Choice vote. Earning 31.38% of the vote, the massive publication sneaked past the most mariachis performing simultaneously (28.87%) and the longest ice cream dessert (27.2%).

Our congratulations go out to Samsung Electronics GmbH of Germany and their 40.52 m² (436 ft² 15 in²) creation.

This achievement will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favourite record of the year at the end of 2013.

This week, we have nearly 2,000 runners feeling quite the breeze and someone who could hold all of Baskin-Robbins in one hand.

But first, let's kick the tires and light the fires!


Record: 329.84 km/h (204.95 mph)

Holder: Students of The Heathland School (UK)

Location: Hounslow, UK

That's not all: Christened as " Möbius," this pocket rocket was the brainchild of the school's Model Rocket Car Club. The club consisted of 20 students, who spent 8 months designing, constructing, and testing a variety of models before powering themselves to the record.


Fan Choice ice cream.JPG

Record: 85

Holder: Dimitri Panciera (Italay)

Location: Zoppè Di Cadore, Italy

That's not all: This record has evolved into quite the battle between Panciera and the man who holds the most Guinness World Records titles of all time, Ashrita Furman. Panciera broke Furman's record for the first time in July 2012 with 71 scoops. After Furman took it back six months later with 72 scoops, Panciera has come back with a vengeance, as the professional ice cream maker wears the crown once more.


Fan Choice kilts.jpg

Record: 1,764 runners

Holder: Perth Running Goats Club (Canada)

Location: Perth, Ontario, Canada

That's not all: This was the third year of the annual race, all of which have been won by Kieran Day. The course measured 5 miles (8 km) and has raised money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. In the first three years of the race, more than $40,000 were raised for the charity.


Fan Choice tennis balls.JPG

Record: 23

Holders: Mahadeo Bhujbal (India)

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

That's not all: Bhujbal actually started practicing when he learned the record was 21 tennis balls and he equalled that number. However, he later found out the record had since been upped to 22. Setting his sights anew, he made it to the 23 held tennis balls held for the required 5 seconds.


Fan Choice tag.jpg

Record: 2,202 participants

Holder: Elkhart Community Schools (USA)

Location: Elkhart, Indiana, USA

That's not all: This attempt was designed as a celebration to recognize 36,000 community service hours volunteered by students from rival high schools Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial. The game continued on until only one student remained as the game's champion.

And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice; time now to cast your vote!

Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!

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