First, let's establish that we are thankful for our happiness and our health and all that good stuff.

But second, let's get down to the goods!

Thanksgiving is upon us, of course, and so, in addition to all that, here are some other things that you can be most thankful for this year.

Thankful for: FAMILY

GIF smart car 1.gif

Even if it sometimes feels like wrestling with Aunt June over the Thanksgiving sweet potatoes is the darkest timeline, just be thankful it isn't quite as bad as it seems. Because family is family and it could be worse - you could literally be one of the most people crammed into a Smart car with Aunt June's new boyfriend Earl and a little post-dinner indigestion.

Thankful for: COWORKERS

GIF small car.gif

Yes, coworkers! For those of us at GWR who work in our offices in New York City, London, Tokyo, or Beijing, we can relate to those of you pretty tight on office space. Getting stuck in tiny train cars on the morning commute, or having to fight through throngs of tourists on lunch breaks, it sometimes feels like we're Austin Colson driving the smallest street legal car. But you're spending hours a day with your office mates, so be thankful for the nice coworkers who put up with you even when you come in cranky every Monday morning.

Thankful for: PETS

GIF Dog bicycles.gif

They bring us joy, they bring us companionship, and every once in a while, they bring us something amazing - like the ability to ride bicycles faster than any other animal. I think that GIF says all that needs to be said.

Thankful for: THE GOOD TIMES

GIF bowling ball head.gif

Ever wake up feeling like somebody must've spent hours repeatedly dropping a bowling ball on a stack of concrete blocks atop your head? Sadly, it's the price you paid for some great moments the night before. As you gather around the table Thursday and raise a toast to your favorite memories of the year, try to dwell more on the Saturday nights, and forget the Sunday mornings.

Thankful for: GETTING BACK UP

Marco gif.gif

Remember the old Dwyane Wade shoe commercial? Fall seven times, stand up eight? Well forget the part about it not making any mathematical sense ( wouldn't you have to fall an eighth time before you could stand up an eighth time?). The reason we bring it up is because of the GIF above. That's the inscrutable head adjudicator of Guinness World Records, Marco Frigatti. Live on national television, he fell down, got up, laughed it off, and got right back to business judging world records. Every year will bring its share of obstacles. Be thankful for the chance to take them all with a smile. Fall one time, stand up one.

Have a great and happy Thanksgiving everybody!