Guinness World Records - Officially Amazing

(VIDEO) Double world record joy on GWR Day for German daredevil Joe Alexander


Martial artist and all-round daredevil Joe Alexander has set two world records in Germany to mark Guinness World Records Day.

The serial record breaker set new benchmarks for most darts caught by hand in one minute and most upright bottles walked across during a special event in Hamburg.


Beating a record of 51 set by circus performer Chelsea McGuffin September last year, Joe walked across 60 upright, empty Champagne bottles.

Not content with just one record, fearless Joe then went on to set a new world record for most darts caught by hand in one minute.

Under Guinness World Records rules, only a professionally trained expert with previous experience may attempt the record, with a minimum distance of 8 m (26.24 ft) needing to be maintained between thrower and catcher.


Joe managed to break the record on his first attempt by catching 14 darts. However, keen  to beat his personal best of 15 achieved during practice, Joe managed to go even better by catching a record-setting total of 16 on his third and final attempt.

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