Guinness World Records and Kiip have started a joint search for the best mobile gamers on Earth. With a series of events leading to a final Championship competition at the end of the year, the greatest gamer alive will stand alone.

To find the world’s best mobile gamer won’t be easy. The path includes four worldwide qualifying competitions, each with huge rewards, before inviting the best players to a Championship round. Players will compete in these four games: Mega Jump, Lane Splitter, 7x7 and Into the Dead.

There are two ways players can earn spots in the Championship:

  • Play in all four qualifying competitions. Players will be assigned points for their performance in each competition. The top ten scores across all four events will receive an invitation.
  • Play in one competition. The top two players of each individual competition will earn an invite.

Players will also have opportunities to compete for a spot in the next Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition in certain games along the way, meaning both a Kiip crown and official Guinness World Records titles are at stake.

“There are console and PC gaming tournaments, but no one has created a highly competitive experience for mobile – until now," said Kiip CEO Brian Wong. "We expect millions around the globe to participate and can’t wait to reward the best mobile gamer in the world.”

The schedule to the Championship looks like this:

Qualifying Competitions

  • October 11-13 – Into the Dead. Rewards include Jawbone JAMBOX, Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone
  • October 25-27 – Lane Splitter. Rewards include Samsung Note 3, Leap Motion
  • November 8-11 – 7x7. Rewards include Wii U, Samsung Gear
  • November 22-24 – Mega Jump. Rewards include Moto X, Sphero


  • December – Game TBD. World’s Best Mobile Gamer Crowned

Best of luck to all those participating!