It's now four straight years and four straight Guinness World Records titles for Kaifeng City in China.

Today, the People's Governement of Kaifeng City broke the record for the largest carpet of flowers/plants, covering a staggering area of 7,995.4 m² (86,062 ft²).

Present to judge the record was official GWR adjudicator Angela Wu, while Rowan Simons, president of GWR Greater China, also joined to present the official record certificate.

Carpet flowers certificate.jpg

"I am delighted to witness this amazing official attempt, which opened the 31st Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Culture Festival," Simons said. "It is the 4 th year in succession that the Kaifeng government has worked with GWR and it is a success to be shared by Kaifeng City."

Previous records set by the city, known as the City of the Chrysanthemum, include the longest flower structure at the 2010 festival, longest carpet of flowers in 2011, and the largest calligraphy lesson last year.