People visit iFly Singapore to enjoy the sense of falling. But ironically, its massive wind tunnel has soared to the top of fans' ballots.

With 52.64% of the vote, the group's record for largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel flew to victory in last week's Fan Choice and will now be entered into our year-end competition where we'll ask you, the fans, to choose your favorite record of 2013.

This week, we've got a school's worth of people passing through a hula hoop, and a whole lot of beads. But first, somebody start this thing!


Record: Pendulums 2.75 m (9.02 ft) tall

Holder: Western Area Career & Technology Center (USA)

Location: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

That's not all: aka a giant version of the famous CEO desktop toy. This machine consisted of a total of 15 pendulums, spread out over a 20 m (65.6 ft) long structure. The longest pendulum oscillates 60 times in the space of 200 seconds, .


coin op car.png

Record: 163.12 km/h (101.36 mph)

Holder: Ben Rushforth (UK)

Location: York Raceway, East Yorkshire, UK

That's not all: This particular ride is named PAT 1, a "Postman Pat" vehicle. In the record breaking run, Rushforth achieved a 1/4 mile elapsed time of 12.071 sec and a 0 - 60 mph time of 3.3249 sec - faster than a Dodge Viper SRT10!


bead mosaic.JPG

Record: Total area of 17.595 m² (189.39 ft²)

Holder: Sint Lucas (Netherlands)

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

That's not all: To reach its total area measurement, the mosaic stood 5.75 m (18 ft 10.38 in) wide by 3.06 m (10 ft 0.47 in) high. The piece reflected " Sky and Water I" by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, with 100 students constructing the color reproduction of the famed black and white work.


wolf howl.jpg

Record: 296

Holders: Department of Campus Involvement, St. Cloud State University (USA)

Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA

That's not all: The university was looking to build camaraderie among students and decided to attempt this large wolf howl inspired by the schools mascot, the Huskies. Participants lined up for more than an hour to take part in the event.


hula hoop chain.JPG

Record: 364 participants

Holder: Calmore Infant and Junior School (UK)

Location: Southampton, Hampshire, UK,

That's not all: The school used the attempt to help raise funds for a new ground/garden development project. The chain consisted of school staff and Year 1 through Year 6 students. After the chain broke on the first attempt after 12 passes, the group started over and succeeded on their second try.

And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice; time now to cast your vote!

Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!

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