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What a way to start the day - a record-breaking fitness class on the beach!


He's fast, he's fit, and according to 1335 people that turned up to Manly Beach early on a Saturday morning to help him smash the record for largest circuit class, he's also totally fabulous. Guy Leech is a lot of things to a lot of people, including an entrepreneur, a fitness instructor and a brand ambassador. But most of us know him as the legendary Australian Ironman who twice won the Coolangatta Gold at a time when the sport captured the imagination of all Australians.

The record to break, which had been set in Australia by Michelle Bridges 12WBT in May 2012, was 1165 people. So when the beach filled with 1335 exercise fanatics, including celebrities such as seven-time world surfing champ Layne Beachley and Mambo managing director Angus Kingsmill, the crowd was pumped. They knew all they needed to do to break the record was survive a gruelling one-hour fitness session.

And survive they did! Ten groups rotated between ten stations that offered exercise options such as soft sand running, ab strengthening, squats and push-ups. Smiles turned to grimaces mid way through the event but began to return close to the end.

Not only did participants leave with the knowledge that they had just broken a Guinness World Record, they also raised money for Bear Cottage, a local hospice for terminally ill children. As a Manly local, Guy wouldn't have it any other way.

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