Two senior citizens recently recognised by Guinness World Records are showing that age need not be a barrier to competing in the sport you love.

While many commentators referred to 52-year-old Phil Taylor as a veteran after he won his 16 th PDC World Darts Championship title yesterday in London, he has some way to go to match the lengthy career of Candy Miller.

Ninety-two-year-old Candy (b. 21 October 1920, UK) scored a bullseye late last year after being confirmed as the world's oldest competitive darts player.

The widow from Dorset, UK, has been throwing darts for 52 years and began playing competitively in 1966 after joining a women's team set up by a friend.

The retired dressmaker has gone on to win dozens of trophies that fill her home.

Talking about her record, Candy says: "I am quite proud of the achievement and I will carry on playing for as long as my knees let me.

"Going up and down the oche is about as far as I can walk with them at the moment.

"But I still play once a week, still play a good game and win every now and again".

Candy, who has played with several professional players during her career, currently plays twice a week for Alderney Manor Social Club in the Bournemouth and District Ladies Darts League, with her team currently standing seventh out of eight in the table.

The team's captain is 84-year-old Rose Kettley, who is herself one of the oldest darts players in Britain.


Meanwhile, 94-year-old Jean Cowles (b. 31 August 1917) from Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK, (pictured above), has also made the 2013 edition of the Guinness World Records book, having notched up the record for oldest indoor bowls player.

Jean started playing in her 50s after her husband passed away and has been playing competitively ever since as a member of her local Spalding and District Indoor Bowls Club.

To watch Jean in action, click here.