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Seven Days Of Spinning Discs - Who Needs Sleep When You're In Da Club?


Back in 2011 when club DJ Smokin' Joe Mekhael attempted a world record for the longest club DJ marathon he was crushed to hear that just prior to his five-day epic event, a DJ in the USA had completed six days (150 hours, to be exact) of music making. But after a long recovery sleep Joe picked himself up, brushed himself off and began planning another attempt.

His secret weapon for the next longest DJ marathon attempt would revolve around health and body purity. For several weeks before the attempt Joe jogged for at least one hour each day. He meditated regularly and only ate organic food, giving up all alcohol and caffeine. Having attempted this record once before, Joe knew he'd need to conserve energy throughout the marathon effort so he surrounded himself with people who'd be able to offer support and keep him on track.

The DJ was only allowed five minutes of break for every completed hour of activity, so he planned to save up those breaks to take at least 90 minutes of sleep each day. The guidelines also stated that he must not repeat any tracks within any four-hour period, so he planned every song in advance to ensure that when a lack of sleep was clouding his decisions, he would still not break any rules.

The result? Joe was thrilled to smash the old record of 150 hours and to add almost a full day by taking the new record time to 168 hours. The seven-day event represented a whole lot of music, a whole lot of dancing, a whole lot of partying and was celebrated with a whole lot of sleep!

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