Big wheels keep on turning in China, where a new Guinness World Record for the largest prayer wheel was set last month in Heyin Town, Guide County, Qinghai Province.

The wheel measured 26.285 m (86 ft 2.84 in) in height and 10.22 m (33 ft 6.36 in) in diameter, and weighed 200 tons (440,92.45 lb).

A prayer wheel is a cylindrical "wheel" with prayers or depictions on it. Tibetan Buddhist tradition says that spinning a prayer wheel can have the same effect as reciting prayers out loud.

In order to qualify for the record, prayer wheels must be made from metal, wood, stone, leather, or coarse cotton and include Buddhist scriptures inside the wheel. It also must be able to be turned by human hand, water, or other means.

Named the China Fortune Wheel, the recording-holding metal prayer wheel was created by the Huanghe Investment & Development Co., Ltd. of Guide County (China).

Guinness World Records Adjudicator Angela Wu measured the prayer wheel's height and diameter before she presented the official certificate.