A piece of sporting history was made earlier this month when 13,114 women gathered to participate in the Nagoya Women's Marathon 2012 in Japan.

Guinness World Records Adjudicators, Carlos Martínez and Aya McMillan, travelled to Nagoya, Aichi, Japan to witness, and later confirm that participation numbers for the race had made it the Largest Women's Marathon of all time.

The marathon served as a qualifying event for Japanese athletes hoping to represent the country as this summer's Olympic Games in London.

There was also added significance, with the race taking part on 11 March, exactly one year after the Tohoku Earthquake devastated parts of Japan.

A total of 12,721 participants (97% of the runners) finished the record-breaking race, which was eventually won by Albina Mayorova from Russia, who finished with a time of 2:23:52.

Mayorova was followed by two Japanese runners, Yoshimi Ozaki (2:24:14) and Remi Nakazato (2:24:28).