With under two hours to go, cricket star Freddie Flintoff is just one short of his target after notching up 11 Guinness World Records titles during his charity challenge for Sports Relief.

The former England captain, who is hoping to set 12 records within 12 hours, began his record-breaking marathon at 7.45am this morning at Wembley Stadium in London.

As of 6pm this afternoon, Freddie had claimed the titles for:

  • * Most hot dogs made in 1 minute (Equalling the existing record of 9)
  • * Fastest 100m Zorbing (26.59 seconds)
  • * Fastest three-point turn (14.01 seconds)
  • * Most cricket deliveries faced in one minute (10)
  • * The fastest time to high-five 20 people blindfolded (6.53 seconds)
  • * The most people popping party poppers (420)
  • * The most peas eaten with a cocktail stick in 30 seconds (38)
  • * The most kisses given in 30 seconds (40) on the set of TV show Loose Women
  • * The most likes on a Facebook item in one hour (52,719)
  • * The fastest 100 metres on a pedalo (1 minute 58.62 seconds) - ably assited by his former England teammate Steve Harmison
  • * The Fastest time to drink a hot chocolate (5.45 seconds),

However keeping the records tumbling hasn't been easy.

Records for a 100ft reverse bungy, a three point turn in under 15 seconds, reaching 43mph in the world's fastest toilet, eating a muffin in 35 seconds, wrapping somebody in newspaper in 3 minutes 7 seconds and zorbing 100 metres in 30 seconds have all all proved just a little too much for Freddie, after missing each one by just a matter of seconds.

As well as dashing around London between locations for his record attempts by the quickest means possible, Freddie has also be appearing on various UK TV and radio shows throughout the day to gain as much support and sponsorship for Sport Relief as he can.

After breaking the pedalo record, Freddie said: "That was much harder than I thought it would be. It was the record that I most wanted to complete though so I'm really happy about that!"

The record-breaker went on to say: "I've got to be honest, the day did get off to a shakey start but after getting these three in the bag I'm feeling much for confident and I'm determined to finish on top!"

The BT Sport Relief Challenge: Flintoff's Record Breakers is the third in a series of celebrity challenges sponsored by BT for Sport Relief 2012.

To find out how to sponsor Freddie head to sportrelief.com/flintoff.

We'll have a round up of how the epic challenge ended here on Guinnessworldrecords.com tomorrow morning.

However, if you can't wait that long to find out if Freddie reached his target, you can keep up with Freddie's progress as it happens by following us (@gwrnews) and Sports Relief (@sportrelief) on Twitter - look out for the hashtag #freddies12 .

Highlights from Freddie's challenge will be shown on the Sport Relief night on BBC One and BBC One HD in the UK on Friday 23rd March.