There was no challenge for Nickelodeon to attract willing victims to their slime-time extravaganza known as Slimefest. The roll call of big-name performers was one reason that so many kids wanted to be part of the celebration, but the guarantee of being slimed was what really caused a quick sell-out of tickets to the event at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion.

The serious challenge for the event organisers was how to slime that many people at once. They decided they'd bring all of the kids into a fenced-off floor area in front of stage and count them on their way in. Large trucks would bring enormous vats of slime to be placed inside the arena and the slime cannons - enormous, spinning, high tech, robotic hoses-from-hell that looked as if they had been designed by NASA - would be placed throughout the crowd to ensure nobody was left unslimed.

The slime hoses actually utilised technology from the car wash industry. And as if they weren't enough, slime troopers would wander throughout the crowd with slime shooters attached to backpacks filled with green gunge and slime anybody that didn't appear the correct shade of green.

Slime slider

It was into this slimetastic pit of goo that Guinness World Records adjudicator Chris Sheedy bravely stepped in order to make sure the sliming was conducted correctly. But soon he too was covered from head to toe in slippery goop. By the time he made it back to the stage to announce the record he was dripping with slime.

The announcement was met with a cheer that lifted the roof. The old record of 762 people slimed had been well and truly obliterated. Nickelodeon Australia had just slimed 3026 people at once in what Chris says is the messiest event he has ever attended.