A physical education teacher from California has boogied her way into the record books by setting a new record for Longest Video Games Marathon on a Dance / Rhythm game.

Carrie Swidecki spent a gruelling 15 hours, 17 minutes and 44 seconds playing Dance Dance Revolution yesterday during an event in West Virginia.

The hugely popular arcade game requires players to stand on a floor pad and follow dance instructions on a screen in front of them.

Carrie's time beat the previous record by nearly two hours, which was set by fellow American Airy Peterson in 2006.

Her attempt formed part of West Virginia Childhood Obesity Summit, an event highlighting healthier living for local children.

Having gained 90 pounds in six years after finishing high school, Carrie tried tennis and running in a bid to get into shape but to no avail.

She then discovered Dance Dance Revolution and attributes the game for helping her to lose 73 pounds in weight.

"Nothing seemed to work," she said. "I started playing it and fell in love with it. I just started to play, and it just started to happen."

Carrie began training for the attempt in December, with regular dancing marathons on Saturday's at her local arcade which would open up early and close late for her.

Prior to her record-breaking performance, her longest stint at playing the game was 14 hours and 10 minutes.