From Mike Janela in New York, USA

Another record attempt, another successful achievement for Bob Natoli (USA).

The resident of Oswego, New York, took back to the gym last week to smash another Guinness World Records feat in the strength and stamina world, this time securing the mark for the "most weight lifted by dumbbell front raises in one hour."

I traveled to upstate New York to adjudicate Natoli's latest record attempt, just five months after he broke the record for the most weight lifted by arm curls in one hour.

His target this time: to push his shoulders and lats to a minimum of 20,503 lbs (9,300 kg) in the front raise technique. The end result? An extremely impressive, no-doubt-about-it total of 39,720 lbs (18,016.69 kg).


For the uninitiated, one complete dumbbell front raise constitutes the following: Feet must be shoulder width apart and the participant must grip a dumbbell with one hand in a pronated (overhand) grip, with the dumbbell at the hip and the arm hanging straight at the side.

The dumbbell must then be raised, keeping the arm straight, to a point of at least a 90-degree angle between the arm and torso (i.e. it must be raised in front of the body to at least shoulder level). Finally, the dumbbell must be returned to the starting position with the arm at full extension. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Natoli employed a strategy in which he used a 20 lb (9.07 kg) dumbbell for the duration of the attempt. After completing a set of repetitions with his right arm, he would place the dumbbell on the floor and immediately switch to his left, alternating between the two sides.

Generally, he would do anywhere between 18-20 repetitions with his stronger, right side followed by 18 repetitions with his left. Small rest breaks of no more than a few moments were built in throughout. In total, Natoli completed 1,986 repetitions across 54 sets.

Natoli and Janela certificate.jpg

The record attempt was also used to donate $5,000 to the Upsate Golisano Children's Hospital of Syracuse, New York, USA and was filmed for an upcoming reality TV series featuring Natoli. The attempt also came on the heels of a book he authored, titled "True Vision 4 Success," which offers readers a glimpse at the mental techniques Natoli has used to reach many of his professional and personal goals, achieving Guinness World Records among them.

The most revealing bit of Natoli's mindset came to the assorted group around 45 minutes into the attempt, when the sweat was pouring, the '80s rock blending into the background, and dumbbell raise after dumbbell raise bleeding into one another. Out of the crowd of approximately 30 family members, friends and media came a question: "Bob, what do you do when you hit a wall?"

Natoli Family And Janela Certificate

Natoli's record-inspired response, without even taking a second to put down his dumbbell: "I go around it, I go over it, I go through it, I go under it, I never just hit the wall."

When it comes to breaking world records, no wall has stopped him yet.