On a warm bright morning at the home of supermarket chain Tesco earlier this month, the rattle of trolley wheels over paving slabs were accompanied by the cheer and excitement of hundreds of children in anticipation of a world record attempt.

Bussed in from local primary schools from around the Hertfordshire area, the students and teachers all took their places at the specially constructed marquee, housing an astounding 48 litres of milk and 14 kg of cereal for an attempt at the title for the largest cereal breakfast attendance.

As children and adults alike settled into their seats the excitement was palpable.

Official Guinness World Records™ adjudicator Gaz Deaves was invited to the stage to explain the rules the sea of students eager to commence the Guinness World Records attempt.

Largest cereal breakfast attendance 2.jpg

286 spoons all lifted in unison to commence the Guinness World Records attempt followed by 10 minutes of the sound of children crunching crispy cereal and slurping of 50 litres of juice.

The day was a roaring success with the participants all walking away with Guinness World Records commemorative medals around their neck and the most important meal of the day in their tummies.