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Australia sets record for largest bikini parade


Every so often in the world of record attempts all of the elements - including weather, surroundings, organisation and result - come together to create a truly spectacular experience. Hundreds of sun worshippers and their many admiring onlookers discovered this reality on the stunning sands of Australia's Gold Coast yesterday.

In an event organised by The Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper, which also raised money for the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club, several hundred women came together to strip down to their bikinis and parade along a one-mile stretch of beach.

bikini second.jpg

The aim was to knock off the record for Largest Bikini Parade, which had last been broken in the Cayman Islands and stood at 331 women.

bikini fourth.jpg

Weather the evening before was ominous, with strong winds and scattered showers threatening to literally rain on the parade. But come the morning of the attempt the skies were a perfect Queensland blue, the ocean was smooth and inviting and the temperature balmy. Participants began registering two hours before the event and by the time the long walk began, 361 women had registered for the atempt.

Two counters on the mile-long course ensured all women took part, and a final count was conducted by Guinness World Records official Chris Sheedy as the ladies crossed the finish line onto the main stage ("It took a lot of concentration to do that count," he assured us).

Bikini last.jpg

While Chris was forced to disqualify four participants, (one for wearing a one-piece and three others for wearing shorts over their bikini bottoms), the final result was a positive one as The Gold Coast Bulletin team broke the old target with 357 bikini-clad record breakers.

The Gold Coast beach lovers claimed a record that they truly believe should always be theirs. Considering the surroundings, we can understand why.

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