The Results

Total Countries Smurfing
Broadcast News Reach
15 million
Box Office Takings
500 million+

The Brief

Sony Pictures was launching the first Smurfs movie in 35 years and needed a truly newsworthy event which would deliver media interest, guarantee press coverage and communicate to the world that The Smurfs 3D was launching in theatres worldwide.

The Solution

To mark the launch The Smurfs 3D Sony Pictures created Global Smurfs Day on the birthday of Smurfs creator Peyo. To enable Sony Pictures to make Global Smurfs Day an attractive news story, Guinness World Records created a new title for the Most people dressed as Smurfs globally. With thousands of people across four continents joining official Sony Pictures celebrations to don blue face paint with iconic white hat and trousers, the world’s media was captivated by the eye-catching imagery. As such Global Smurfs Day, and the worldwide release of The Smurfs 3D, became a global news sensation.

Thank you - this event was a huge success for us!

— Shelly Josias - International Publicity - Sony Pictures Releasing International