The Results

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1 billion+
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The Brief

Panasonic were looking for a unique way to differentiate  the EVOLTA AA battery in the commoditised and highly competitive battery market and saw Guinness World Records as the ideal partner to provide a globally recognised and respected stamp of authority.

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The Solution

Guinness World Records conducted extensive and exhaustive independent testing to confirm that Panasonic EVOLTA batteries were capable of outperforming batteries from other leading manufacturers by an average of 10-30%. Based on the findings, Guinness World Records certified that EVOLTA were in fact the world's Longest lasting AA battery. Panasonic built an integrated marketing campaign around their achievement, featuring the miniature robot Mr. Evolta performing amazing feats of endurance powered by the record-breaking EVOLTA batteries. The global campaign ran for four years (2008-2012) and featured an iconic TV ad starring Mr.Evolta climbing the Grand Canyon alongside radio, online and experiential executions, all of which was supported by on-pack certification using the Guinness World Records record-holder logo. The campaign continues to run in Japan (2015).

We strived hard and always aimed to produce the world’s best battery. Because of this effort, EVOLTA has continuously been the world’s No.1 for seven years since being first certified by Guinness World Records. I want to express my pleasure in Panasonic achieving our Guinness World Records titles, and my deepest gratitude to all the members of our team who were involved in the making of EVOLTA

— Mitsutoshi Shigeta, Energy Device Business Division Director at Panasonic Corporation Japan