The Results

Mall footfall +67% increase as a result of the three day activity
Record titles achieved

The Brief

Fiesta Kuwait hosted a dedicated Festival for Children at Marina Mall in Kuwait. Over three days, they wanted to create an experience to unite children from schools across Kuwait.

The Solution

By hosting a Live! event, Marina Mall gave the chance for children across Kuwait to challenge each other in live record-breaking attempts. Each challenge was sponsored by a commercial partner or a retailer of the mall, with sponsors including Turkish Airlines, Yiaco, Chicco, Gymboree, Americana, Baskin-Robbins, KFC, Gum and Alanba newspaper. The event opened with an appearance from two iconic record holders, Jyoti Amge (Shortest woman – living), and Brahim Takioullah (Largest feet on a living person). The mall attracted three times as many visitors on average than a normal day.

A total of 10 Guinness World Records titles were achieved during the event, including new achievements for:

  • Most baby food eaten in one minute
  • Most jelly beans moved using a straw in one minute
  • Most flavours of ice cream identified in one minute blindfolded