Guinness World Records - Officially Amazing


The Brief

To announce the release of MEGAMIND - the 3D animated superhero comedy starring Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt - DreamWorks Animation wanted a truly mega publicity stunt. DreamWorks Animation tasked Guinness World Records with creating a record attempt that would generate global publicity, engage superhero fans and kick start MegaMonth, an official month dedicated to mega-events around the U.S. that would build excitement around the movie's cinema release. 

The Solution

Guinness World Records wanted a record-breaking publicity stunt that would live up to the film’s MEGA name. An official Guinness World Records attempt for the Largest gathering of Superheroes created a high-profile event that would connect fans with the mega-stars of the film. Pre-event publicity generated consumer excitement and superhero fans came from around the world to join the official MEGAMIND record attempt. The record publicity ensured that cinema audiences across the U.S. were awaiting the release of MEGAMIND