Domestic & General

The Results

We are always looking for new ways to strengthen our teams and this was a fun way to put our name in lights by achieving a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title. We are proud to say we are ‘Officially Amazing’
Nicki Perry, Human Resources Manager, Domestic & General

The Brief

Domestic & General were bringing together over 200 commercial employees from the company’s Queen Square Contact Centre at Epsom Downs Racecourse for its annual conference. The conference was also being used as a backdrop for the announcement of a tremendous company-wide growth plan with the aim of engaging their customer facing sales reps and getting them on board with the company’s direction.

Domestic & General wanted to set the scene for this announcement and turned to Guinness World Records for a challenge that would embody the sense of energy they needed to instil in their sales team to empower them to deliver this target. Furthermore, the challenge needed to reinforce the importance of teamwork in achieving this while emphasising the role of each individual.

The Solution

The Guinness World Records creative team developed a record challenge that would appeal to employees’ competitive nature and reinforce the important role of each staff member in achieving the ambitious company targets ahead. The record attempt kicked off with an opening from an official Guinness World Records judge who set the pace with an inspiring introduction into the world of record-breaking before 200 employees came together to attempt The fastest time to pass 10 t-shirts along a chain of people (italics). Employees were split into three teams to practice during the qualifying rounds and for the Official Attempt, the group was split into two rival teams who competed against one another for the coveted title.

"Thank you so much for your help in the run up to and during yesterday’s Guinness World Records record attempt. It turned out to be the best part of the day and I’ve had so much positive feedback from everyone."

— Natalie Paffey, INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS ADVISOR, Domestic & General