Guinness World Records 2015 - page 26

Extreme bodies
GWR discovered Manuel
after he asked for help
to lose weight on
Mexican television.
Heaviest living man
In 2006, Manuel Uribe (MEX) peaked in weight at 560 kg
(1,235 lb; 88 st 3 lb), but by Mar 2012 he had slimmed
down to 444.6 kg (980 lb; 70 st). He remains the
heaviest living man weighed by GWR.
Largest waist
At his peak weight of
approximately 1,200 lb
(544 kg; 85 st), Walter
Hudson (USA, 1944–91)
had a waist measurement
of 302 cm (9 ft 11 in).
Heaviest twins
Billy Leon (1946–79) and
Benny Loyd (1946–2001)
McCrary, alias McGuire
(both USA), were average
in size until the age of six.
But by Nov 1978, Billy
and Benny weighed
337 kg (743 lb; 53 st) and
328 kg (723 lb; 51 st 9 lb)
respectively. Each brother
had a waist measuring
2.13 m (6 ft 11.8 in)
in circumference.
living person
At 251 cm (8 ft 3 in),
Sultan Kösen (TUR)
had feared that he
might be too tall to
find true love. But
on 26 Oct 2013, his
dream of finding a
soulmate came
true when
he married
(5‑ft 9‑in)
Merve Dibo
in Mardin,
Heaviest woman ever
Rosalie Bradford (USA)
was claimed to have
registered a peak weight
of around 1,200 lb (544 kg;
85 st) in Jan 1987. Although
she had some success
in controlling her size, it
continued to be a problem
throughout her life and she
died from weight-related
complications in Nov 2006.
Sultan is 76 cm (2 ft
6 in) taller than Merve,
but the
greatest height
difference in a married
is 94.5 cm (3 ft
1 in) for France’s Fabien
and Natalie Pretou.
Kuwaiti citizens have the
highest body mass index
: 27.5 for men, 31.4 for women
heaviest man
was Jon Brower
Minnoch (USA, 1941–83),
whose weight peaked
at an estimated 1,400 lb
(635 kg; 100 st).
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