Guinness World Records 2015 - page 23

Fastest time to drink
one litre of lemon juice
Michael Jenkins (USA) won a three-way head-to-
head challenge by drinking a litre of lemon juice
through a straw in a record time of 54.1 sec in Los
Angeles, California, USA, on 20 Jun 2013, beating
the next fastest time
by 10 sec.
Fastest time to
eat three éclairs
Furious Pete demolished three chocolate
éclairs in 18.02 sec at MEATMarket in Covent
Garden, London, UK, on 10 Jul 2013. That
day he also set a gastronomic record for the
most hamburgers eaten in one minute
with four. Fans follow his antics on YouTube,
with his videos having notched up more than
115 million views by 1 Feb 2014.
Champagne bottles
sabered in one minute
“Sabrage” is a technique
used to open champagne by
holding the bottle at an angle
and sliding a sabre (sword)
up the neck deftly enough to
slice off the collar and cork.
On 8 Sep 2013, Mitchell
Ancona (USA) sabered open
34 bottles in a minute in
Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA.
most champagne
bottles sabered at once
is 277, by Centro Empresarial
e Cultural de Garibaldi in
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil,
on 5 Oct 2013.
Using the conventional
method of opening, UK TV
chef Gino D’Acampo
(ITA) recorded the
most champagne
corks popped
in one minute
with seven on
29 Jul 2013.
Cream-filled sponge
cakes eaten in
one minute
Competitive eater Patrick
Bertoletti (USA) tucked away
16 creamy sponge delights
in Los Angeles, USA, on
26 Jun 2013.
Eggs held unbroken
on a roller-coaster
Özgür Tuna held 110 eggs
in a basket while Udo
Baron (both DEU) gave him
advance warning of the
roller-coaster turns. The pair
were at Europa-Park in Rust,
Germany, on 21 Jun 2013.
Hamburgers eaten
in three minutes
Takeru Kobayashi (JPN)
ate 11 hamburgers in
Istanbul, Turkey, on
5 Jun 2013.
on one cone
Dimitri Panciera
(ITA) balanced
85 scoops at a festival
of ice-cream in Zoppè di
Cadore, Italy, on 21 Jul 2013.
Most nuts crushed
by sitting down in
30 seconds
Cherry Yoshitake (JPN)
crushed 48 walnuts using his
buttocks at the Wakamiya
Hachimangu shrine in
Kawasaki, Kanagawa,
Japan, on 15 Jan 2013.
Sabering a bottle of
champagne was popular
during the Napoleonic
Wars. The bottle is held
at about 20° and the
sabre used to crack the
collar; the pressure in
the bottle then sends
the top flying off.
Mustard drunk
in 30 seconds
Denis Klefenz (DEU)
consumed 294 g (10.37 oz)
from a tube of Kühne
Senf Mittelscharf German
mustard on 20 Jun 2013.
Walnuts crushed
by hand in one minute
Not content with crushing
131 walnuts in his hand in
60 sec on 10 Dec 2012,
Ashrita Furman went on to
set another nutty record, for
most walnuts cracked
against the head in one
: 44, on 8 Jan
2013. Both were set
in New York, USA.
9.83 sec,
eat a slice of toast
, Anthony Falzon (MLT)
18.02 sec,
eat three chocolate éclairs
, Peter Czerwinski (CAN)
36.10 sec,
eat three pickled eggs
, Kyle Thomas Moyer (USA)
41 sec,
eat a bowl of pasta
, “Furious” Peter Czerwinski (CAN)
50.08 sec,
wrap five portions of chips
, Stephanie Celik (UK)
54 sec,
eat three mince pies
, Robert Edward Lee (AUS)
61.46 sec,
eat 500 g of cranberry sauce
, Erkan Mustafa (UK)
And finally...
eating to excess
Most cappuccinos made
in one hour:
289 by Suzanne Stagg
(AUS) in Hobart, Tasmania,
Australia, on 29 Nov 2013
Largest cream tea party:
510 people in Buxton,
Derbyshire, UK, on 24 Nov
Most people dunking
1,796 by Oreo
India at I.I.T., Mumbai, India,
on 22 Dec 2013
A “trencher” was a medieval bowl carved out
of a loaf of stale bread and, as the first edition
The Guinness Book of Records
in 1955, “trencherman” was the name given
to a glutton who enjoys food to excess, often
setting records in the process. However, we
went on to say that trenchermen records did not
match “those suffering from the rare disease
of bulimia (morbid desire to eat) and polydipsia
(pathological thirst). Some bulimia patients have
to spend 15 hr a day eating, with an extreme
consumption of 174 kg of food in six days by
Matthew Daking, aged 12, in 1743... Some
polydipsomaniacs are unsatisfied by less than
54.5 litres of liquid a day.”
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